The last Thursday of September, ten and a half years ago

Claud and I have been chatting a bit more these past few months. Years, really, but only in the past few months, it seems, did we find some sort of common ground - and only then, when I pretended to know more about design and typography.

Well, I only say that. I'm no expert, but I get it, I'll say. It's really just me being constantly insecure, that feeling that, no matter what others say, someone out there is doing much better than me.

But, yeah, we've been talking, about graphic design, about songs (which explains her being a part of the earthings! team), about Serial. We've been talking on Twitter, on Facebook, but never offline, and that is the most fascinating part.

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You're not as loved as you think

Despite the copious amounts of noise, and the fact that it had wreaked havoc on my mindset, I have tried to make sense of just who the current crop of presidential aspirants appeal to.

Mar Roxas appeals to those who believe the country has gotten better under Noynoy Aquino. From my perspective, that's mostly made up of members of the business community, alongside those who have worked with government in one way or another and have seen the changes, however incremental. Chances are, a significant chunk of those people are managers and executives working in big companies.

Again, let's be fair - there are changes for the good. I am one of those people who have worked with government in the past few years. Well, not so much work as attend talks with government figures, attend consultations, attend meetings. Perhaps it's also down to the fact that, before 2010, I haven't had a good idea of how government works exactly. Yes, it's a complicated machine, I've long known that; from the outside, however, it's made to look like this one creature than can grant your wishes, but takes so long to do it because it's decided it deserves a manicure every single day.

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All the small things

Has anybody said something along the lines of "your YouTube history says a lot about who you are"?

Someone might as well say that. I mean, sure, nobody really looks at their YouTube viewing history - I think - but that dictates the videos it suggests you watch. And chances are, on those nights when you just sit in front of your laptop, not sure about what to do, you'll just click on one of those recommendations, and down the rabbit hole you go.

My recommendations, of course, lean towards K-pop lately. If you've read my almost 3,000-word essay on my music blog a few weeks back, you'd understand. Or maybe you'd frown at how I have lost all credibility despite me arguing that all four of Mamamoo's members have strong vocals. Ew, Niko has no taste!

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An elaborate game of dress-up

I swear that is a fountain pen.

I'm spending another morning at a coffee shop in Makati.

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I am so much better than you

I am so much better than you because I am voting for Mar Roxas.

Unlike you, I understand the hard work the current administration has done to stop the decline of this country. I have seen the efforts to eradicate the corruption that has blighted this country, my beloved country, for so long. Only under Noynoy Aquino would the likes of Arroyo and Revilla and Enrile - the vermin of this land - be put in jail. Only under Noynoy Aquino would the likes of Gutierrez and Corona be kicked out of office for preventing justice run its due course - its due course favoring the people.

Unlike you, I do not spend my time complaining about the smallest things. I have hope, and I have trust. I have the highest hopes for the Philippines, the country to which I am devoted to with all my heart and soul. I have the highest trust in this government to do the right thing. Only they can do the right thing. This is not opinion: this is fact. Under whose watch would our economic numbers blossom? Under whose watch would we gain the respect of the entire world, rather than become its laughingstock?

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