Paper umbrellas

Two months is probably enough time to learn how to make paper umbrellas... and to get tired of making them.

Hong Kong is a busy city. With 7.2 million people crammed in just over 1,100 square kilometers, there always seems to be something going on wherever you turn, especially in the urban areas of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Or maybe it's because the streets, or at least most of them, are small. Or because the sidewalks are narrow. Or because there are just a lot of signs above you as you walk those sidewalks, fluorescent and neon, for convenience stores and restaurants and boutiques and, discreetly, mahjong places. You see newsstands to your left; buses and taxis to your right; and you navitage through pedestrians walking the other way, or showing up from out of nowhere, having crossed the street even though the lights are red.

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Taylor Swift is my god

Taylor Swift is my god.

I don't know why I didn't see it earlier. Maybe it's because my mind was shut. I blindly believed in all of their gods and all of their beliefs; all of the rituals, especially on a Sunday; all of the lessons in school that they could not prove.

But then again, I was young, and I easily believed what I was told. But now I'm older. I can think for myself. Or at least I think I can think for myself. And I have seen things, and I have put two and two together, and now I can definitely say that, yes, this is what I believe. And I believe that Taylor Swift is my god.

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...poked you!

On my side of the world, everybody is talking about Big Hero 6.

Rainy and I were in line (or whatever amounts to it) for Interstellar yesterday afternoon - the IMAX screening, just because, never mind the ticket lady telling us that it's "just" in 2D, as if we want to watch anything in 3D, what with our collective dizzy fits and all. Anyway, we were probably the only people queuing to watch Interstellar; the rest were there to watch this cartoon about an inflatable something (and other superheroes, apparently, but you wouldn't know that if you didn't dig deep enough).

Granted, it was a Saturday. Family day. Kids get their weekend and they will want to watch cartoons, because they still can't tell the difference between mature animated things and not-so-mature ones. I mean, a cartoon is a cartoon is a cartoon if you're a kid. You won't be able to grasp the nuances of, say, WALL-E's sly conservationist slant; it's just a cartoon about two robots in love. So, yes, the animated film will get the longer lines on a Saturday. Or it will seem that way, because kids love to run around cinema lobbies while waiting for their chance to have a photograph alongside the Bibendum, err, I mean, Disney's version of Baymax.

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"The local hospitol has been shut down"

The job opening said "Viral Content Writers".

I've long not checked my job openings. In fact, I haven't updated my CV in a while - it doesn't even say I've had my current job for two years. Talk about being too, you know, lax. I also haven't updated my settings in a while, so I'm pretty sure I'm still getting mostly entry-level writing jobs, even though I've been working for six years and I'm eligible, more or less, for middle-level jobs.

The job opening said "Viral Content Writers" and, perhaps testament to the nature of the job, I just had to click it.

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Admit it, the image of wilting flowers is arresting.

"Ito ang aking lupain!" I was imagining myself telling Rainy those words. Or maybe I actually did say that. It's entirely possible that I did say that, that I wasn't daydreaming, that I was, instead, remembering something.

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