An open letter to Noynoy Aquino

I'm pretty positive you don't read my blog, Noynoy. I'm definitely sure you have no idea what exactly I have said about you in your six years as president.

And I am very sure you will not read what I have to say now. Not that you'd care. You're probably enjoying your break from public office. Perhaps you've started dating under the shadows of this war against drugs your successor is waging? It's not really my business. I'm just grasping at straws here.

Anyway, I'm writing you this letter, this letter you will probably not read, to call you out on that one mistake you've made that has, perhaps, a more lasting impact than any of the other things you did not quite get right.

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Happiness chooses you

At least once a week, usually on a Monday, there's bound to be someone who attempts to, supposedly, seize the day - or the week, more likely - by declaring that nothing will bring her down, by declaring that this week is her week, by declaring that she chooses to be happy, and so she will.

Arguably it makes some kind of sense. If you just overlook the bad things and focus exclusively on the good ones, the world has to be a better place, right?

I mean, if you just think of not waking up to an alarm, staying in your somehow perfectly-lit bed once you do, and going, "well, isn't this swell?" it makes everything immediately ahead of you seem worthwhile, right? Yeah, arguably, that could happen.

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It's in darkness that...

It's not often that I'm the last one to sleep.

A particular dread sinks in when that happens, though.

It's quiet. It's quiet, save for the whir of the electric fan.

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Society demands

This weekend, I rediscovered Jamba Juice.

I mean, I wasn't living under a rock or anything. I just haven't had it in years. A couple of days ago, though, I decided that Shalla and I would have a couple of their drinks while watching Suicide Squad.

"Anong sa'yo?" I ask.

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"Why don't you talk to someone about it?"

Okay, sure, let's give it a try.

They always say you only really need to talk to someone to feel better, at least for a little while, at least for a little bit. Nobody, however, talks about how most of the time there really isn't somebody you can talk to about things.

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