A pocket guide to visiting museums

There's only a week left for the month of May, which means there's only a week left before the whole "entrance to all government museums is free" thing ends... well, at least for this year. Whether you miss it or not, though, we have a few tips on how to make the most of your visit to the museum - a treasure trove of, well, things that will connect you to our heritage and culture!

Know where you'll go. Doing your research is never a bad thing. There's bound to be a museum that will click with your interests and preferences. Whether you're in it for the art history or for that other kind of history, there's a museum ready to satisfy your craving for knowledge.

Prepare for the long lines. This applies especially if you're looking to visit in this last week of the month. The lines are long, and you'll likely be standing under the heat. Well, you can't blame the many others who also want to connect, or reconnect, with our rich heritage and culture. Just wear light clothing and bring something to drink.

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At the end of the day

So who's voting where?

Well, it's over but the counting. And a bunch more precincts. And the inevitable protests, offline and online. And whoever winning going on stage to a throng of supporters, asking the country to unite for the sake of national interest.

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Doom and gloom

It's getting much harder to avoid.

It was easier when the noise was still online. I could always just close the tab or scroll down quickly. It's not to dismiss what they were saying. I get it. I get where they were coming from, and I get why they were doing what they're doing. I could have been doing the same if things turned out differently.

But then it felt like they were judging me - judging me for not seeing things the same way as them, judging me for not agreeing with what they believe in, judging me for being selfish, for putting myself above everybody else. Or maybe it was the stress talking. It's been stressful, the past few months, the sort of stress that breaks spirits and drives people to do what was previously the unthinkable. I did not want any of that, I thought - and then I'd end up breaking anyway.

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The last Thursday of September, ten and a half years ago

Claud and I have been chatting a bit more these past few months. Years, really, but only in the past few months, it seems, did we find some sort of common ground - and only then, when I pretended to know more about design and typography.

Well, I only say that. I'm no expert, but I get it, I'll say. It's really just me being constantly insecure, that feeling that, no matter what others say, someone out there is doing much better than me.

But, yeah, we've been talking, about graphic design, about songs (which explains her being a part of the earthings! team), about Serial. We've been talking on Twitter, on Facebook, but never offline, and that is the most fascinating part.

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You're not as loved as you think

Despite the copious amounts of noise, and the fact that it had wreaked havoc on my mindset, I have tried to make sense of just who the current crop of presidential aspirants appeal to.

Mar Roxas appeals to those who believe the country has gotten better under Noynoy Aquino. From my perspective, that's mostly made up of members of the business community, alongside those who have worked with government in one way or another and have seen the changes, however incremental. Chances are, a significant chunk of those people are managers and executives working in big companies.

Again, let's be fair - there are changes for the good. I am one of those people who have worked with government in the past few years. Well, not so much work as attend talks with government figures, attend consultations, attend meetings. Perhaps it's also down to the fact that, before 2010, I haven't had a good idea of how government works exactly. Yes, it's a complicated machine, I've long known that; from the outside, however, it's made to look like this one creature than can grant your wishes, but takes so long to do it because it's decided it deserves a manicure every single day.

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