Thank you very much

Stop worrying about what's yet to happen.

Stop talking about your problems in public.

Stop throwing a tantrum.

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Buns for thought

"Eh bakit nawala 'yung Nutribun?" he asks his colleague, an older man.

"Kasi ganito," the older man began. "Sinimulan ni Marcos 'yang Nutribun. Tapos tinigil."

He pauses for a bit, as the people settle in and the elevator door closes.

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Man on the street

"Hindi ako sigurado kung si Duterte ba talaga ang kailangan natin."

I was talking to Shalla. We were in the car. We just came from the hospital, where I picked up my X-ray results. (Normal, in case you were wondering.) We were on our way to the mall for lunch. It's some weird Saturday date we found ourselves in, and in between, we were talking about politics. And again, I was unstoppable.

"Sabi ni Cayetano, 'si Duterte, mayor ng Davao, and it's three times bigger than Metro Manila,'" I continued. "Ako, I'm, like, anong kuneksyon nun? Ibig sabihin ba nun kaya niya ang buong Pilipinas?"

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It's a landmark-y number, fifteen

I don't remember it like yesterday, but for some reason I remember more details of that particular day than most others.

I think it was because that was the day I took my high school entrance exam.

I don't remember the questions, nor the faces. I do remember that, during a break, I opened a pack of Chips Ahoy and munched on those. I stayed on my seat in the classroom, mindful not to let any crumb fall on the floor, because this could be my school for the next four years and I want to make a good impression.

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Two of three requirements

Belonging is hard.

If you've been reading this blog for an extended period of time - I don't expect anyone to have stuck around throughout the past ten years - you would know that I haven't exactly had the best luck with belonging. I just seem to rub people the wrong way, whether I don't share the same interests, or I'm just plain obnoxious. Or, well, they're idiots.

Well, okay, I know I'm being overly dramatic. Yes, I have made friends, and yes, I'm still very good friends with some of them. But when you've seen so much volatility in the things you believed will last forever, you learn to become quite apprehensive - and, at the same time, you strongly hope that you will find your crowd soon. Then again, I'm getting older, and finding a crowd is increasingly hard these days, because people calcify into their habits, more or less.

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