Blogging 102 (for aspiring bloggers, among others)

I know. This whole premise makes me look like a self-important douchebag. Why am I writing a blog entry about how to write blog entries? Why the hell am I writing a blog entry telling people how to blog?

Well, if every blogger - the unfortunate modern definition, mostly - if every blogger out there is doing a how-to, then why shouldn't I? I've been doing this for almost ten years, after all! If anything, I'm a veteran. I'm not popular, but I'm a veteran.

Man, I've been doing this for ten freaking years. What have I done with my life?

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The basics of human communication, as applied to toll booth operators

There are a few basics to talking to people, or so we're told. Always smile. Always make eye contact. Always acknowledge their presence. Always thank them for their time.

Well, that's basic enough, I assume. I mean, that's how we expect to be talked to, right? Unless we're looking up something on our phones to aid the conversation, or we're looking out the window wistfully for effect, or we're not in the right frame of mind.

I've been driving a lot more than usual lately. (Wait, that sentence feels badly constructed.) I don't always get the e-Pass, so I have to go through the long lines at the C5 toll booths and actually pay with money. A hundred and twenty-two bucks, already set aside, a necessary delay before you leave home or the office, that sort of thing.

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Plan? What plan?

Turns out you don't need to do research on road networks, public transport options and vehicle numbers to understand just how terribly planned Metro Manila is. You just have to live in it.

Let me throw in my voice to this angry cacophony. Who the hell thought closing a big chunk of the city's most important highway would not lead to trouble?

Remember that time when a heavy truck's brakes gave way, causing it to slide backward while perched on an on-ramp along C5? You know, the accident early in the morning that hit eight cars, killed one person, and closed all but one lane in the southbound side?

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Social media influenza

I'm probably the only one peeved at this, because I don't like repeats in general. Imagine this. You follow the official Twitter account of something - I don't need to be too specific about this; it can be anything - and, one day, it tweets out a pretty big announcement. By "big", I mean a song and dance, sometimes literally.

So, okay, yeah, it is a big deal, you say when you see the tweet. Okay. You've taken away what you needed to take away, and you, more or less, move on.

Fifteen minutes later, that Twitter account retweets someone, saying the same big announcement. Yeah, I already know this, you go, but then, it's just one retweet.

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A generic yet honest rejection letter

Dear [salutation] [last name],

I would like to inform you that, after considering your submission, and in light of our current requirements and the other submissions we have received, unfortunately we have decided not to choose you for the position.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you for making us part of your journey towards more opportunities, and for taking part in our own journey of growth. I know the challenge has been tough for you and your fellow participants, and I would also like to thank you for taking it on.

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