Three seconds

I only had a point-and-click at hand, which explains why I had to be in front. And why my raw files are four megabytes large. Shutter speed, of course, leaves a lot to be desired.

Longtime blog readers would know that I got into Kimbra around the time this blog started, and I have since loved her jittery, crazy, sexy mix of jazz, funk and pop: an electronic beat under Motown flourishes, that voice that can go places, and the ability to stage a fun, to-hell-with-everything live show. She almost wasn't on this list, but I write this in a week when she wraps up production on her follow-up to Vows. I can dream of being the guy whose stage is where she debuts her new stuff, right? Yeah, I can.

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Kimbra has landed and I am freaking out

"I hardly ever feel this way about my fandoms anymore, but I must meet Kimbra in person!"

"Shall we do it together?"

"Sure! But how where when whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy OMG OMG OMG OMG--"

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The new definition of hard work

It used to be acceptable, not being able to buy your own car when you're in your 30s. It was understood that cars are expensive, and that there are more important things to spend on, whether it be your siblings' education, if you're single, or your children's education, if you're married and raising a family. If it's the latter, you also had to pay for the house - rent or mortgage, your pick - and you also had food and electricity and your kids' whims to think of.

Nowadays, if you're in your 30s and you still don't own a car, well, you have missed out, my friend. You're not getting any younger. You're running out of time to experience the fine things in life. What are you doing, still taking two jeeps and a bus to work? Yes, the majority of people still do this, but they're the people who have accepted that they're living in a dead end and are destined to stay there until they, well, die. You are not that person. Well, that's what I think you are when we first met. You had brilliant ideas and you had lots of dreams. You wanted to travel the world, and publish your own magazine, and be the cool guy everybody does not think you are. But you can't do that if you can't still afford to buy a car at 25, right?

My parents had to work hard to provide for us, and, yes, I thank them for putting my needs ahead of theirs. Now they're old, and they can just relax, maybe travel the world, do anything they want to do - but, thing is, they're old. You can't really enjoy traveling the world if your knees are weak, right? You can't cherish those memories if you haven't long to live, either. Also, times are different now. We are young, we have the world in our hands, and it is ours for the taking. Why stay where you are when you can go anywhere?

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Paper umbrellas

Two months is probably enough time to learn how to make paper umbrellas... and to get tired of making them.

Hong Kong is a busy city. With 7.2 million people crammed in just over 1,100 square kilometers, there always seems to be something going on wherever you turn, especially in the urban areas of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Or maybe it's because the streets, or at least most of them, are small. Or because the sidewalks are narrow. Or because there are just a lot of signs above you as you walk those sidewalks, fluorescent and neon, for convenience stores and restaurants and boutiques and, discreetly, mahjong places. You see newsstands to your left; buses and taxis to your right; and you navitage through pedestrians walking the other way, or showing up from out of nowhere, having crossed the street even though the lights are red.

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Taylor Swift is my god

Taylor Swift is my god.

I don't know why I didn't see it earlier. Maybe it's because my mind was shut. I blindly believed in all of their gods and all of their beliefs; all of the rituals, especially on a Sunday; all of the lessons in school that they could not prove.

But then again, I was young, and I easily believed what I was told. But now I'm older. I can think for myself. Or at least I think I can think for myself. And I have seen things, and I have put two and two together, and now I can definitely say that, yes, this is what I believe. And I believe that Taylor Swift is my god.

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